Progress Pictures


The Wolverine 48" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas

I still use a grid system at times, although the squares are larger than normally used.  I like using acrylics because I can work fast and easy to clean up LOL.  The very first comic piece I ever did for a comic con in 2016.  


Concept - Drawing - Painting

I use Photoshop a lot to help place images together and alter images to get the desired effects I want.  I like drawing/painting from an actual picture or at least to get the general lighting source correctly.  I learned this from a book showing how the Hildebrandt Brothers created their art.


Wall Mural in Joshua Tree

I created this for a client who wanted a replica of the artist "Retna" ... I used the bricks as a grid system to help line everything up.  Took 2 days to do in 110 degree heat...but at least it was a "dry" heat